Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the HIPAA Certification Online Program

  1. How do I register to take HIPAA Certification Online courses?
    You can either register for HIPAA Certification Online courses individually or for the entire curriculum package at a discounted rate. To register, use either our online form or by downloading our fax/mail form (both methods are available by clicking here).

  2. How do I log on to take my course(s) once I have registered?
    For standard individual registrations, proceed directly to the Student Logon page by clicking here or by finding the navigation link "Candidate Login" on the top navigation bar of the HIPAA Certification Online web pages.

    For students who are part of an institution that has arranged for courses for its workforce, please contact your administrator for information on how to log-on to the HIPAA Certification Online course system.

  3. I have tried to start my course and when I click the link to start, nothing happens. What is the problem?
    Our technology runs a script that creates a "pop-up window" for the course. If you have an active pop-up blocker on your system, you will likely have to temporarily disable or turn off this software for the course to properly open. You may not even be aware that your system is running pop-up blocking software as it is often installed with other software packages (Yahoo! Messenger, Google Task Bar, etc). There are many "pop-up blockers" available and they all work differently. Please consult your specific software for how it allows for temporary disabling. A few sample methods are below: Yahoo pop-up blocker: Located in the Yahoo toolbar on your browser window, left click and the top line reads "Disable Pop-up Blocker". Select this option to Disable the Pop-up Blocker. Be sure to follow the same steps to "Enable" it once again after you have completed your course(s).

    Google pop-up blocker: Located on the Google toolbar in your browser window, left click and the top line reads "Turn off pop-up blocker" just click it to turn the pop-up blocker off. Be sure to follow the same steps to turn the blocker back on after you have completed your course(s).

    Norton Internet Security: Locate the Norton icon in your bottom right task bar. Right-click the Norton icon in your task bar, select Norton Internet Security. In the left hand side of the new window is a listing for Norton Spam blocker, select this and click "disable Norton Spam Blocker". Be sure to follow the same instructions to "enable" your pop-up blocker after you have completed your course(s).

    If temporarily shutting down the pop-up blocker is not possible, your software may allow you to go to the recently blocked pop-ups list and click the blocked page to allow it to start the course. Alternately, you may be able to go to Preferences in your pop-up blocker toolbar and set preferences to allow pop-ups from our website (using the IP address Or with most browser enabled pop-up blockers, you could hold the key on your keyboard while the link to start the course. For further questions, please contact our support department at (888) 599-4583.

    If your pop-up blocker is run through your company/institute's network, you will need to talk with your system administrator to allow pop-ups from our website

  4. I have disabled my pop-up blocker and the course still will not start, what do I do now?
    If you are behind a Network Enabled Firewall, you may need to talk to your Network Administrator or Security Professional to allow pop-up materials to be viewed from our website Also have them check that the Firewall is not blocking the Port access for materials from our website.

    If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, there are some settings that need to be changed in order to allow the course to be viewed. On your Internet Explorer toolbar you need to select Tools/Internet Options/Security/Active X controls Download Unsigned Active X Controls. Another method is to select Tools/Internet Options/Privacy and set your security to Low while viewing the materials, which automatically enables Unsigned Active X Controls. Please return to this location and put the setting back to its original level when you are finished with our course materials.

    November 1, 2006

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